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What Is It That Stumps You As a Parent?

We all have areas where we feel, “I’ve got this down.”  But, are there any areas that you’re saying, “I don’t have a clue?”  Let’s talk about them here.  You can send questions to  Parenting is more of an art than a science.  Every child is different and while there are some universal “laws” of parenting, you have to approach each child as an individual.  Like snowflakes, no two kids are alike.  What worked with Erik, would have crushed Heather’s spirit.  Every child is a mystery that you have to solve in order to be an effective and loving parent.  This requires hours of prayer and a lot of time taking long looks in the mirror.  The acorn never falls far from the tree.  So, what areas make you smile and which ones make you want to tear your hair out?


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4 thoughts on “What Is It That Stumps You As a Parent?

  1. When someone hurts your child it’s hard to figure out which directions to take with your child. Sometimes Mama bear comes out. Sometimes we can pray for the other person. Sometimes it is a lesson that needed to be learned. It’s hard to decipher which way to go sometimes. Our instinct tells us just to love them and make it better immediately. That’s not always the rit answer. Sometimes the pain we have from their pain is overwhelming and controls our actions.

    1. So true, it is so much easier to be hurt yourself than watch it happen to your child. What we did with are kids when they got hurt, was ake them to the Word and use it as a learning opportunity to teach them how to apply the Word in their lives. It gave them an opportunity to apply the Word in action. For example, if someone said something hateful: first we’d take them to forgiveness Scriptures and explain what happens in our hearts when we allow unforgiveness and bitterness to take root. We would also use it as an opportunity to show them how Jesus handled similar situations in His life. We’d discuss any actions that Scripturally they need to take. It would be their choice whether to take the action or not (they almost always did). Then we would pray for the person. It’s hard to hate those you pray for. Sometimes they would go the second mile and do something nice for the person who hurt them. Each hurt is an opportunity to practice Christianity in action, because in life there will always be hurts. It is a critical life skill.

  2. How do you inspire them to desire to do their best? We have one that really doesn’t seem to care about failing nor the consequences that follow as a result of those failures…..

    1. What’s his dream? Help him define his dream and then list the steps that need to be taken to reach the dream. He may know in his heart that some of this stuff is just clutter. My youngest son, knew what he didn’t need to know and just chose not to learn it. It was frustrating, but in the end, guess what? He was right! On the other hand, if he’s just drifting he may need the structure of defining what he is passionate about, this may give him the motivation he needs to go after it. The trick is to lead without pushing. Help without manipulating, and wait without nagging. If he has no passion, pray he gets one.

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