Family Ties Start with a Fun Family Time

We’ve recently discovered the newest best kept secret to family fun in St Charles County. It’s called Towne Park and it’s located right off Hwy 61 across from Pointe Prairie Rd near Wentzville. You’d never know it was there in a million years, but it’s the coolest 109 acres of old fashioned family entertainment around. Of course, there’s your standard picnic area and an exceptional playground, but that’s just beginning. There are miles of trails, and several fishing lakes. But the really awesome part is a kid’s exploration area. ┬áIt’s a real hands on experience, with handmade musical instruments, a sand house where kids can dig to their heart’s content, bones to identify, a water pump where kids can ride a bike to pump water, and other fun activities like balance beams. There’s also a beautiful early 1800’s home on the site. It just can’t be described with words, you just need to experience it. It will be a great addition to your arsenal of things to do with the kids. Did I mention it’s free? Check it out and make some memories with your kids. We made some memories with three of our grandson’s there tonight, and they are already talking about going back tomorrow. What other best kept secret fun family places do you know of in the area?

When Life Gets Crazy

It’s summer, and you’d think everything would grind to a halt, right? Or maybe, you’d think it would just slow down to a lazy summer pace, but for me it feels like things are heating up just like the days. Summer can throw us off our groove, so it is important to keep our priorities straight. Make that “first thing” appointment with God and make sure you keep it. With the kids home, vacations to plan, and no one to blame for it, you need to be sure to put on your “armor” every day. It is also a great time to have a mini Vacation Bible School with your kids. Pick a theme and spend a week around that theme, plan activities, tell Bible stories that fit your theme, make theme related snacks, and spend time talking about that subject. You can get lots of ideas online. You can make summer a time of bonding and growing closer to God instead of putting Him on the shelf until school starts. Make this summer count!