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3 Simple Steps To Dream Again – Part 3

3. Don’t give up on your dreams.  

Or, as they say in the classic film “Galaxy Quest”  “Never Give Up Never Surrender!”

You don’t lose until you quit. Your breakthrough could be moments away.  Keep looking up, keep trusting God and when your circumstances overwhelm you, and it all looks impossible. Simply change your perspective and look at it through God’s eyes.

Ephesians 2:6 encourages us that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places.  Notice it says, “are seated” not “will be seated.”  When we’re seated at that altitude, we can have access to the big picture that helps us see beyond the immediate obstacles to the glorious potential.

Seeing it through from God’s perspective helps you keep your heart right. When we see things from God’s perspective it changes everything.

After 23 years, Joseph’s dream came to pass just as he had seen it at 17 years of age.  When the famine forced his family to come to Egypt in search of food, they bowed low before Egypt’s great ruler   . . .  Joseph – just like in his dream.  In Chapter 45 Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers.  In this passage, he also reveals his heart of forgiveness, and his right perspective – God’s.  Having God’s perspective caused him to trust in God and believe beyond circumstance which protected him from bitterness, and unforgiveness.

So Joseph didn’t let his past determine his future, made others successful, and he never gave up.  Joseph saved Egypt, he saved his people, and he changed the world.

Take a pointer from one of the greatest heroes who ever lived, Joseph. Never ever stop dreaming no matter what, the world needs your dream!


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3 Simple Steps to Dream Again – Part 2

You haven’t heard from me for a while because I’ve been working on an exciting project.  I just finished a chapter for Brian Tracy’s new book “Transformed” which comes out in the fall!

Now back to Joseph and the art of dreaming.  As we continue the story of Joseph, I’m gonna give you a job.  I want you to watch for these things in Joseph: expressions of self pity, complaining and griping, excuses, blaming his past relationships or experiences for his current problems, excuses why he cannot do something, anything, giving up, or quitting. In fact, I want you to watch for any sign, any sign at all, of any dysfunction in his life.

So Joseph arrives in Egypt and gets sold to Potiphar the head of Pharaoh’s Palace guard.  We are now in Genesis 39. At once he goes to work with all his heart and immediately Potiphar starts noticing that everything Joseph touches gets better! See Genesis 39:2. Here we see our second key to dreaming again.

2.  Make Someone Else a Success

Making someone else a success is the fastest way to personal success. Solve someone’s problems and your value will go up exponentially.  Don’t bring problems, bring solutions.

Luke 16:12  And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?

Now back to Joseph . . .

Before you can turn around, Joseph is totally in charge of everything Potiphar owns.  And just when it looks like he’s got it made in the shade,  Potiphar’s wife tells a whopper about him and gets him thrown in prison.  So Joseph gets thrown into the prison.  These were not pleasant accommodations. No windows, cots, toilets.  Check out Genesis 39:21-22 for signs of complaining etc.  Do you see any? No, because of his great attitude, before long he’s running the whole place.

A true leader understands that when you make someone else a success everyone wins.

So you can see where ever you put Joseph he’s gonna make them a success.  But you say things just seems to be getting worse . . . . well yeah.

Dreams take time.  Our culture has changed but God hasn’t, we must have patience to experience the fulfillment of our dream. We’re now in chapter 40. Meanwhile the clock is ticking this is about 11 years after he had the dreams.

About this time, the Pharaoh’s Baker and Cupbearer get thrown in jail because they ticked Pharaoh off and they both have troubling dreams.

Check this scripture out . . . with all Joseph’s problems he’s worried about someone else . . .

Genesis 40:6-7  The next morning Joseph noticed the dejected look on their faces. “Why do you look so worried today?” he asked.

They tell him they have had disturbing dreams and Joseph says interpreting dreams is God’s business, tell me the dreams. So they tell him their dreams, he interprets them.

Joseph tells the cup-bearer to please remember to tell the Pharaoh how he’s in jail unjustly and to please let him out.Then Pharaoh has the baker and the cup-bearer come to his Birthday Party.  Just like Joseph had predicted, the baker is executed and the cup-bearer is restored to his old position.

The cup-bearer is so grateful that he totally forgets all about Joseph for another 2 years. Now we’re in Chapter 41.That is until Pharaoh too has troubling dreams.  When he can’t find anyone to interpret his dreams  . . . then the cup-bearer remembers “Oh yeah, there was this guy in jail who told me and the baker what our dreams meant and it happened just like he said.”

So they send for Joseph, clean him up, and bring him to Pharaoh.  Long and short, Joseph interprets his dreams and Pharaoh makes him second in command of all Egypt on the spot.  From prison to the palace in a moments time. Then Pharaoh changed his name to  Zaphenath-Paneah which means “Savior of the world.”

To be continued . . .