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The Power of . . . By Faith . . .

foot faith

This morning, I was reading Hebrews 11, the Hall of Faith. Each story began with “By faith” . . . As I was reading, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “By faith . . . in 1989 the Lawson family left California and all that was familiar to them to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wow, God!

That took my breath away and caused me to stop and reflect on the power of that one single choice. That choice in all reality didn’t just have a ripple effect, it was more like a tsunami. Because of that one choice, we’ve had the honor of leading thousands of kids to Christ. All three of our kids are in ministry and have affected tens of thousands of lives. They married godly spouses and gave us nine wonderful godly grandkids.

Our oldest son, Erik, and his wife, Christy, started Element Church that ministers to nearly 4,000 people each week . . . “by faith.” Our daughter Heather and her husband Bob were the original people to help Erik and Christy launch the church from their basement office in Chesterfield . . . “by faith.”
Today, Kip and I, and our daughter Heather, serve on staff there.

Our son David, married Charity, the daughter of the Pastor Willie George of Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s the church we moved from California to serve at. David still serves there on staff.

All from one choice. . . “by faith” . . . And what God started by that “by faith” is still continuing to unfold all because of one decision a phone man and a stay-at-home-mom made nearly thirty years ago.

What if we had not left California? We probably would have had a nice life, but in my heart, I know it would have been a shadow of what could have been, a glimmer of what unfolded because we took that step of faith.

What is God challenging you to do today . . . “by faith?” What step of faith is He asking you to take? What wonderful plan will unfold before you when you do? You’ll never know, if you don’t take that first step . . . “by faith.”

I challenge you to read Hebrews 11 and ask God, “What is my . . . by faith?”