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New Year’s Special

From January 1-5, if you purchase a copy of my new book, Parenting Through the Mirror, and send me a copy of the receipt and your address and contact info, I will send you a free copy of my children’s book Iggy and the Volcano a $14 value.

Parenting Through the Mirror

As a parent, have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights? You find yourself asking questions like, “Why do our kids act like that?” You’re sure you’ve done everything right. After all, you work hard, provide them a nice home, put food on the table, furnish them with all the latest technology and make sure they are safe. In return you get Miss Smart-mouth and Mr. Know-It-All instead of the adorning gratitude and devotion, you expected. How can you encourage them to be grateful or at least respectful? For decades people have asked us, “How do you do it? You have such an awesome family.” It is this question that encouraged me to write Parenting Through the Mirror. In this book, I’ll share with you how I learned that the best place to start fixing your kids is right in your own mirror. That’s right. The person staring back at you is the perfect place to start. While we can never change another person – we can choose to change ourselves. The result is an empowered you, who no longer has to react to whatever life and your kids throw your way. I dare you to take the Mirror Challenge.

Iggy and the Volcano

Iggy and the Volcano is a fiction meets science story.  It’s the delightful tale of a lonely little rock, named Rocky, who wishes for a friend and receives one in a most unexpected way.  His new friend, Iggy, teaches him how he was formed in the heart of the earth, and then blown out in a volcanic eruption.  This highly entertaining story will teach children how igneous rocks are created, the parts of a strato volcano, and how volcanos are formed. It’s a learning experience children will want to revisit again and again.  This book is an excellent introduction to earth science in a fun and engaging way, for preschool and elementary children.

Both are available at and  51aBbw-RY6L._AA160_

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Fear Unchained

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.”
— Zig Ziglar
Fear, is the great enemy.  It is what stands between who we are and who we can be.  Make one of your resolutions to redefine fear and you will go far in 2014.Green Fence and Blue Sky
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Breaking Out of the Status Quo

“Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open.”

— Thomas Dewar

Have you ever seen an idea or a plan and thought, “This is the most awesome logical thing I’ve ever seen,” only to have everyone you share it with shoot your concept full of holes? When as a culture did we stop dreaming?  When did we become naysayers and closed minded dream stealers?  Aren’t we the nation who led the way on out of the box ideas and thinking?  I guess for some a closed mind feels safer, or maybe they’ve been numbed by the programming of our society.  As a culture, have we grown to embrace the security of mediocracy?

As for me, I’m ready for a little limb walking.  I never want to tell someone their dream is crazy or impossible.  I want to be their cheerleader and shout, “You can do it!”  I want 2014 to be my most out on a limb year ever, and I want to encourage those who are crazy enough to dream new dreams with me.  This year, instead of a resolution list, why don’t you allow yourself to create a dream list?  Dare to dream again!  It’s not too late.

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A Thought to Ponder

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.”

— Author Unknown

If you’re like me, you may be guilty of waiting for that exact right moment to do that one thing that might change your life for the better. Is it the fear of failure, or the fear of succeeding that holds us back? I think this author nailed it. No more hesitating, procrastinating, or excuses just a right mindset and determination! Make today . . . perfect.Image